COVID-19 Cancellation/Postponement Refund Policy: While we hope the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, there is still a small chance for performance cancellations or postponements. We want you to be rest assured that your money will be returned if an event is not able to happen. If a season ticket event is canceled, the portion of your season ticket price for that event will be refunded. If a season ticket event is rescheduled, your ticket will be automatically moved to the new date. If you can no longer make the event at its newly scheduled time, your series ticket costs for that event will be refunded. Outside of COVID-19 schedule changes or other cancellations, all ticket sales are final and non-refundable.

Coming Downtown and unsure where to park? Check this out! There is a ton of public parking available all within easy walking distance to the fun, unique and delicious stops right here in Downtown Watertown!

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“The Goss Opera House is a gem, not only for Watertown but for South Dakota and the Upper Midwest. The acoustics of the Goss are superb, which is evident to both the performers and the listeners. You can manufacture the acoustics of a space to a point, but there needs to be a bit of magic in order for it to sound truly great – which happens in Watertown.”